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Welcome to AgentsData

AgentsData is owned and operated by IT professionals who met through their passion for IT and helping disadvantaged youth.
The team now comprises of high-end programmers, analysts and graphic artists. They are part of a global network of IT professionals to keep a pace with IT’s ever changing environment The AgentsData team understands the need for cost-effective and evolving technology.  As we develop new functions they are automatically added to the CRM or Websites without work or cost for clients.


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What our clients say about us

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Shane Crosbie

Beenleigh City Real Estate

We have been using AgentsData for 3 years. When we first changed over we were surprised with the number of people who noticed it. The fact we are still using AgentsData speaks for itself.

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Jarrod Lane

Property Network

We have used 2 other CRMs with all the bells and whistles, but found AgentsData with less functions was used by all staff members and their databases are actually being used - great price, easy to use.

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Scott Anderson

Lamonds Estate Agents

Easy to use, does everything we need, best price and people continue to comment on our website.i